🔋 What You Never Know About 12V 100Ah Solar Batteries Production [W1803]

Have you ever seen battery production process in factory?

Here is a typical case about deep cycle gel battery mass production.

At the end of January, we finished the last shipment for 12V 100Ah battery, total 700pcs batteries had been sent out.

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🔋 Want to Install OPzV Battery? Read This First [W1802]

How to produce OPzV battery? What’s the difference?

Maybe you don’t know much about this tubular gel battery.

So the blog will show OPzV 2V 600Ah battery production. You will see all images from raw material to packaging.

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🔋 8 Live Photos Help You Know Flooded OPzS Battery (2V 3000Ah) [W1801]

In early January (2nd – 13th), we are crazy busy with OPzS battery production. Our Australia customer placed an urgent order for the Flooded OPzS Battery 2v 3000ah which will be installed for an industrial solar system. Read more