🚩 New official website, more powerful Battery business

Dear all our business partners and friends. Today is a special day forΒ TAICO. Our new official website (http://taicopower.com/) has been published with your support and advice.

Why are we update the website?

Three years ago, our products line just have Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Solar Battery, Telecom Battery, OPzV Battery, OPzS Battery, Solar Street Light Battery and Lithium Battery. But now, LiFePO4 Battery, Solar Battery Bank, PowerPack is also our main products. The old website can’t meet our market. You know it hard to explain that your customer checked your website and found there is no what they need, but you really manufacturing it. So we made a new site to showing all our products. That’s why.

By the way, we want to show the high-quality content and products introduction. So the website is still under construction. If you found no introduction for some product or error introduction, please don’t angry or doubt it. It’s really our products. Just our staff need time to finish it. And they are working on it. You can send an email to us. ( Email: info@taicopower.com ) Our worker will answer your question soonest.

What’s the benefit to you?

Recently years, we solved many problems that come from our customers’Β project case. Now, we want to write it and share with all the people. The below is all of the topics.

01. How to use sealed lead acid battery correctly?
02. How to set the end voltage of discharge and overcharge?
03. What’s the reason of the batteries bloat?
04. How to configure a Solar Battery Bank for your solar system?
05. What’s the tricks and tips for Solar Battery Bank?
06. What’s the correct way to connecting Solar Battery Bank?
07. What’s the correct wire size for your Solar Battery Bank?
08. How to extend battery lifespan?
09. What’s the difference of SLA Battery and Lithium Battery?
10. Why is LiFePO4 batteryΒ the future?
11. How to choice the correct lithium battery?
12. How to use LiFePO4 battery to raise up your market share?
13. ……

We don’t know how many topic we will talk. But all the tricks and tips will be showed on this blog step by step. Wish it can help you to avoid these problems and reduce the loss of money.

Moreover, we also will keep updating lead acid battery and LiFePO4 battery industry information and new products solution. That’s will help you know more battery industry and market.

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Thanks again for your support and care! The below is our product portfolio. ↓↓↓