LiFePO4 Power Wall Battery

Power wall 48V lithium ion battery 100ah 200ah 10Kwh Lifepo4 solar Home Battery solar energy storage battery

TAICO Powerwall home energy storage lithium battery is a new type of environmentally friendly backup energy storage system that can store energy during peak hours of the power grid, balance the load of the power system, reduce the peak-to-valley difference, and reduce the operating cost of the power grid. The environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery uses Class A LiFePO4 battery cells and high-quality BMS configuration.
TAICO factory has automated production lines and leading system design capabilities, which will bring excellent performance, safety, reliability and the most affordable products to Powerwall energy storage products. It can replace Tesla Powerwall and provide the best solution for industrial applications.
Lithium iron phosphate batteries have extremely high safety performance and use advanced battery cell technology to effectively reduce battery temperature, reduce fire risks, and ensure safe operation of equipment. In addition, the battery also has the characteristics of long life, with a cycle life of up to 6000+, which can meet the needs of long-term stable operation.
In addition, we also have solid-state lithium iron phosphate battery versions for you to choose from. The advantages of solid-state batteries include higher safety, no fire after puncture and sustainable use, no explosion, longer service life, higher energy density, thinner and smaller, etc. These are all advantages compared to traditional lithium batteries, and they can work in a higher temperature range, so solid-state lithium iron phosphate batteries are also an excellent choice.

Product numbermberTKPW-2400TKPW-5000TKPW-5500TKPW-7500TKPW-8000TKPW-10000TKPW-S5000
Norminal Battery Energy5.12KWH5.12KWH5.12KWH7.68KWH8.04KWH10.24KWH5.12KWH
Norminal Capacity100Ah100Ah200Ah300Ah314Ah200Ah100Ah
Norminal Voltage25.6V51.2V25.6V51.2V
Cycle Life>6000
DC Normal Charge Voltage58.4±1Vdc
Recommended Charger Curren≤50A
Allowed Max. discharge current100A